Our Process

01. The First Step- Meeting with the client

This initial step is really important to see if your project is a good fit for our company. We look for people who want to be involved in the process and appreciate good ideas / advice throughout the project. At this point, we can also discuss rough budget numbers and a timeline to see if the project is feasible. Once that is determined, we can go on to the 2nd step.

02. Second Step – Information gathering

In this step, we will measure and video your entire house. This will allow us to make an accurate 3D digital representation of your existing home. Once that is entered into our software program – the fun begins. We will come up with candidate designs that accomplish all (or most) of your wish list. Best of all – these drawings will be easy for you to understand / visualize the new space. You will be given hard copies of floor plans / elevations as well a 3D computer simulated files that allow you to ‘walk through’ your new space! At this point, we can begin to provide a much more accurate cost analysis.

03. Third Step – finalize the design

We will go through as many iterations as it takes to get the space you want. Basically, it’s your design! We are just putting it on paper and guiding you through the process. We also work closely with architects and interior designers if you want to ‘make a statement’ or recapture the architectural significance of your older home.

04. Fourth Step – Shopping!

Once we have a design that you are happy with and is within budget, we can move on to the fun stuff –customizing your new space! We will work closely with you to choose your windows & doors, appliances, kitchen cabinets, etc. With many vendors to choose from, we will help you make all the right choices for your new home.

05. Fifth Step – sit back and relax

With The Curtice Group, it’s one stop shopping. We will engage all the necessary services to get your project underway. You will be given access to your project folder and see all the expenses in real time entered into the cost sheets. We pride ourselves on transparency and accountability. Costs will always be accompanied by the receipts (kept in a folder). Any surprises or increases in estimated costs will be brought to your attention as they come up.