The Curtice Group has done several large and small projects for my home, all to my great satisfaction. Most recently, Scott and his team finished my basement, creating a beautiful family room and entertainment space out of what was our longtime “dungeon.”


Scott and I discussed my budget and priorities, and we decided to split the project into two: the majority portion becoming finished space as family room, and a smaller side for storage, tankless water heater, furnace, and laundry. For the unfinished portion, his team installed a new exit door and window, put floor levelling compound, sealed the top of the foundation walls and painted them, and installed a return air shaft from the house and most of the ductwork. The family room is carpeted and heated, with two new windows, and all the ductwork concealed in a soffit.  In 18 months there have been no issues whatsoever.


From start to finish, Scott Curtice communicates clearly and specifically avoiding the classic pitfalls of others’ homeowner/contractor partnerships: budget and timeline. On every project, he creates a line item spreadsheet that we review weekly. I literally knew how much he was charging for cleaning up, or upgrading doorknob choices. Structural concerns were plainly spelled out with various options, all reasonable. Every major issue was addressed directly by Scott calling me. The entire team was focused, and any minor disagreements we were able to resolve quickly.


I highly recommend The Curtice Group to any seeking to improve their house and quality of home life.



I also appreciated the team’s assistance in talking through aesthetic choices, such as the placement of doors, lighting decisions, and the orientation of the entertainment space!