What It Is Like To Work With Us

At The Curtice Group we don’t just renovate your home – we are there with you for the entire project. We prepare your home for the upcoming construction and create a detailed project plan to account for every detail of construction project. We have built a solid reputation for attentiveness, dedication and honest work. We stay on budget and deliver on time. Here is what it’s like when you put your new addition or renovation project in the hands of The Curtice Group.

3D Rendering Projects Kitchen

3D Mockups

As part of the project planning process The Curtice Group creates a computer simulated drawing of the new kitchen, a modernized bathroom or a living space addition, which allows our clients to get a true feel for the space before committing to a project. Our clients appreciate the details during the design planning phase of a new project.

The Curtice Group -Temporary-Stairs

Temporary Spaces

We understand that a major construction project interrupts your routine so we do everything we can to keep your family comfortable during a project including keeping the worksite impeccably clean and tidy. We build temporary stairways for access to your home so we don’t disrupt your life. We understand that losing your kitchen during a renovation is a big deal so we provide temporary kitchen space until the new one is up and running.
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The Curtice Group Project Management Spreadsheet

Flexible Project Plans

The Curtice Groups has a client-centered approach unlike our competitors. We don’t believe all the decisions can be made before the job is started. We believe anyone can have a good idea: designers, owners, project managers, workers, neighbors. We stay flexible during the length of the project to ensure the best result. As the project progresses, new options may present themselves. As ideas flow we will fine tune project plans to give you the best possible product.

Client Meetings

Client Meetings

We meet often with homeowners during a design build project to review project management spreadsheets and to make sure all needs are being met.  Any and all issues are considered and schedules are updated. The team at The Curtice Group is always accessible, professional and courteous.
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Fair, Honest, Transparent

Fair, Honest, Transparent

The Curtice Group has a very high standard for fairness, honesty and transparency. This is what sets us apart from our competition. We are not like other designers and builders; we want to earn your business. We meet often with the homeowner and review project management spreadsheets to make sure all needs are being met during a design build project. Any and all issues are considered and schedules updated. The team at The Curtice Group is always accessible, professional and courteous. Contact us today to start planning your 2018 project.
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