Claudie & George

The Curtice Group was highly recommended to us by a friend who had her kitchen, family room and patio redone.

Our renovation included the kitchen and family room and necessitated tearing down a bearing wall as well as relocating a small bathroom.

At our first meeting, Scott listened attentively to our needs, general vision for the remodeling as well as the constraint of our budget.

We agreed that he would prepare for us a “blueprint” of the new kitchen/family room layout, instead of hiring an interior designer. It saved us money and we loved Scott’s plan, which adhered to our budget.

Scott Curtice’s organizational skills are remarkable and he made a process that we had initially dreaded relatively stress free for us.

Before the start of the work, Scott planned our visits to order appliances and cabinetry. He came to each of these visits with the blueprints and budget. He made it fun for me to concentrate on what I like or dislike while he was making sure everything was fitting in term of dimensions and would adhere to our budget.
Later, he accompanied us to choose granite, tiles and ceramic.

When the work started, we had a two-man crew, both of whom were very professional. They took care to make sure we were comfortable (as we lived in our finished basement and second-floor bedroom during the process) during the three months it would take to complete the job. They carefully protected the rest of the house from dust sealing off all of the non-work areas.

Chet, the “foreman”, was a great worker, who was detail oriented, very personable and helpful (for example, helping us find the perfect oak fireplace mantel on-line).

The work started on time. The team was at our home every Monday through Friday and a well-orchestrated succession of subcontractors (structural engineer, plumbers, electrician, plaster workers, painters, tile and ceramic worker) made quick progress. All of the subcontractors were very professional and did excellent work. They were attentive to our needs and input, while making sure that everything was done according to code.

On a regular basis, Scott would update an Excel spread sheet that we had access to on-line to view the expenses in detail as the work progressed. This detailed the anticipated cost of each part of the project when we signed the contract as well as the actual expenses to date. It was very helpful to see this information and quite amazing that Scott was able to stay so close to our initial budget. We did exceed the budget a bit, but only because we decided to add a couple of projects as we went along (such as a two-level heating system and new floor tiles in the foyer).

Scott and his team are real professionals, very honest, attentive to what we wanted or needed or both. They made sure that, at every step, we were satisfied with the progress.

Having workers in your home every day for three months could be very stressful. But Scott’s team was great. Every night, before leaving, they would vacuum and clean to minimize bringing dust and dirt all over. They really extended themselves to make the process as easy as possible for us.

We were anticipating that the renovation would probably go over the deadline of three months that Scott gave us initially. However, true to his word, Scott and his team finished amazingly on time.

We have been enjoying our kitchen and family room now for almost two years and it still surprises us how the finished product has exceeded our expectations.

Finally, another quality of the Curtice Group is that Scott stands behind his work.
We had recently noticed some small cracked lines on our ceiling due to expansion and contraction of materials (usual in all houses). When we asked Scott if we should be concerned about this, Scott came very quickly to inspect the ceiling. He determined that these were just minor cosmetic issues but nevertheless decided to have the whole ceiling prepared and repainted at no cost to us. He wanted us to be totally happy with the results.

Claudie & George